Corn is accounting for more than 65 percent of total grain sells. Maize flour (Kawunga) demand is big; market potential is big where its demand is greater than other flour. The Corn is dominating the market; People usually consume these staple foods daily or multiple times a day. It has significant contribution to the human food supply. That makes up the dominant part of a population’s diet as the regional most popular food. The sells report identified that cassava is one of commodities that we have supplied at high quantities from 2011 to 2021. Cassava flour is made by grating and drying the fibrous cassava root. It's a great substitute for maize flour, rice and other flours by consumed by local population. Vision * To improve sustainable food systems and income to the farmer in the Region. * To make Agribusiness profitable and attractive business with sustainability. Mission The availability of quality and quantity crops to the market in order To increase food production while ensuring increased net farm income to the farmers. Market Local food producers industries, factories and other food based company. Supply capacity Annual Sales transaction 2021 report confirm that we have supplied 1 199 133.864 Tons annual to the local food producers industries and other related business.
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